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HFW vision launches 3M IPC
published date: 2014/11/6      Hits: 1104

HFW vision launches 3M IPC


In order to meet the needs of the market, HFW vision launches a series of 3 megapixel IP cameras.

They adopt the most advanced sensor“Ambarella A5S88”in the world with advanced noise reduction technology and 3D MCTF super wide dynamic handling, achieving ultra-low bit-rate, and the quality of superb high-definition picture .

The highest solution is up to 2048*1296, outputting the whole day picture of HD1080P (25fps). Thanks to the high quality metal electromagnetic double filter IR CUT, there is no distortion in a high temperature and no defocusing at night.

Now, 3 megapixel IP cameras have enjoyed a high reputation in the overseas market.

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