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The Development Process
Founded in 2008 in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, after many years of rapid development and continuous growth, HFW vision moved to Guangming New District, Dongguan in January 2021, which is a very beautiful natural place. Three-storey factory building, and 1 apartment-style dormitory with a total construction area of up to 6,000 square meters. Configuring a large injection molding machines and casting machines, automatic lathes production equipment sector and establishing advanced clean room with advanced automated production lines, our factory is a high-efficiency, large-scale production base. We now have one hundred employees, a number of scientific research and development engineers. HFW vision will become the modern professional manufacturing enterprise of the senior management talents as well as gain the recognition and the strong leading position in the global security industry.
The Market Strategy
Relying on the supply chain with the innovative products, macro thick, high-quality production efficiency as well as strong market foresight strategy, HFW vision is regarded as a brand of excellent security products for global users. And we aim to becoming a high quality product founder and leader of the security industry.
1. The "own brand HFWVISIOIN And HFWS" strategy for "Great brands" of enterprise future to further strengthen the position of HFW vision and HFWS in China and other core markets in all the world. Under this strategy, in order to meet different market characteristics, HFW vision quickly and effectively shifts the strategic competition in the market and protect the interests of faithful partners around emerging markets and mature markets of the unique business structure operations.
2. HFW vision will establish offices around the world, sincerely look for capable agents and cooperate with a number of first-line brand with contract manufacturing and OEM both at home and abroad. Now we have customers all over the country and more than 50 countries in the overseas.
The Business Philosophy
Aiming at employees in our business philosophy, we delve into the core competence construction of product innovation, creating new brand, high quality production efficiency and high equipment investment and so on, accelerating the development of business on the security field, strengthening the operational management efficiency. In order to achieve the long-term sustainable enterprise development space, we stick to the strategy of sustainable development for the future market.

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